Unity, Culture and Excellence... Do your part!

Unity, Excellence, Culture... Do your Part!



Fall Committees
Welcome Week Committee
Pajama Jam Committee
Charity Dating Auction Committee
One Mic Committee
Family Affair Cookout Committee
Sports Committee (Basketball, football and kickball vs A.A.S.A)

Spring Committees
Black Heritage Month Committee
End of the Year Activity Committee


1. Study Tables/Tutoring
- Interclub studying and tutoring.This will help our members educationally.

2. BSA Book Club
-A lot of knowledge could be found inside a book. So it is imperative that we as a group read together and discuss what we read.

3. Big Brother/Big Sister (inter-club mentoring)
- This group helps our incoming freshmen out with having an upperclassmen mentoring them and show them the ropes to get them acclimated to the college life. 

4. Girls Night Out
- Once or twice a month there should be a night designated for the females where they can just hang out, talk, watch tv or a movie: this is the night.

5. Fellas Time
- This night is the same as Ladies night but for the fellas.

6. Making A Change Mentoring Program (MAC) (youth based mentoring)
- The MAC is where BSA goes to local community centers and schools to mentor and tutor students.

If you have a suggestion for a sub-group or want to be apart of a subgroup please email bsafgcu@yahoo.com