Unity, Culture and Excellence... Do your part!

Unity, Excellence, Culture... Do your Part!


You have just embarked on a journey provided by Black Student Alliance at Florida Gulf Coast University. Even though your travel will not be physical, we hope to provide you through a mental expedition through our purpose, history, events, and everything else that you need to know about our organization. So open your eyes and prepare to be impressed.


Black Student Alliance at Florida Gulf Coast University was created to unify the students of color, while contributing to the awareness of their existence on campus.

The purpose of this culturally influenced organization is to obliterate the puerile stereotypes branded upon young individuals of different backgrounds. It is also to provide the best possible environment for education and personal growth for members and the university as a whole.

Our purpose will be done through our mission of influencing the population in four main areas:

  • Education
  • Community Involvement
  • Professional and Social Networking
  • Culture

Black Student Alliance does not discriminate anyone because of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other classification to lessen an individual.


Black Student Alliance  was one of the first organizations on campus, established in March of 1998 as the Organization of Students of African Descent (OSAD). In Fall of 2005 the name was transformed into the Black Student Alliance as a part of Students of Culture.

In Spring of 2008, BSA was awarded the status of Organization of the Year by the Office of Campus Involvement, while under the Co-presidency of Taunesha Dix and Joia Ford-Williams.


BSA's first meeting is on September 5th, 2012 in  Merwin Hall 116 at 6pm. Meetings will be every other Wednesday at 6:00pm. Come and bring a friend. Our meetings is a place that you are updated on information, make decisions concerning the group, engage in conversations, make friends, and participate in different activities. PRIZES and REFRESHMENTS may be given randomly.
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If you are interested in becoming a member or have a question contact one of the officers or just come to the next meeting or event. Interested individuals will be asked to fill out a Membership Information Sheet.